Investment Partnerships

DWM partners with a range of investment managers to offer impact investing products to investors around the world.

Daiwa Securities Group
Daiwa Securities Group is one of the leading, comprehensive financial service firms in Asia. We work with Daiwa to create and manage a microfinance investment vehicle for Japanese investors.
Actiam N.V.
DWM began its partnership with ACTIAM (formerly "SNS Asset Management") in 2007, and since that time has launched three institutional microfinance funds for the Dutch market. ACTIAM serves as the Fund Manager and DWM serves as the Investment Manager.
Invest in Visions
DWM is an Advisor to Frankfurt-based Invest in Visions GmbH, one of the world’s fastest growing microfinance fund managers, for their €700 million IIV Mikrofinancefonds, a retail mutual fund launched in Germany in 2011. DWM originates, monitors and services loans in the microfinance and SME sectors in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and other countries, supporting IIV. DWM also is the sole Advisor, in a similar role, for IIV’s DKM Mikrofinancefonds.
SBI Securities
DWM is an Advisor to SBI Securities, Ltd., Japan’s largest on-line securities firm, who issued the first of a planned series of SBI Microfinance Bonds, an investment product based on microfinance assets originated and managed by DWM in South East Asia.
DWM partnership with Cologne-based Monega KAGmbH since 2018 has launched an institutional fund and a retail mutual fund for the German market, focusing on multi-thematic impact loans. DWM serves as the Fund Manager.

Industry Collaboration

We collaborate with partners to contribute to the development and standardization of a more transparent and effective impact investing industry.

Principles for Responsible Investment
The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, created in 2005, provides a network of international investors with a framework of six principles for incorporating environmental, social and governance issues into their decision-making and ownership practices.
Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance
Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance
In 2011, the Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance (PIIF) were created as a distinct subset within the PRI Initiative, providing investors with a framework for responsible investment focused on access to finance for poor and vulnerable populations. DWM is an original endorser of the PIIF and submits annual progress reports.
The Smart Campaign advocates a common code of conduct in the microfinance industry, governing and establishing client protection safeguards. The Client Protection Principles (CPP) are the Campaign's outlined minimum standards that clients should expect to receive when doing business with a microfinance institution.
Microfinance Information Exchange
Microfinance Information Exchange provides objective and qualified financial and social performance information on microfinance institutions, covering some 2,000 institutions globally. DWM encourages microfinance clients to submit annual Social Performance Standards Report to MIX and to acquire social ratings.
MFTransparency serves as a platform for the microfinance industry to publicly demonstrate its commitment to pricing transparency, integrity and poverty alleviation. Endorsers publicly support theindustry's effort to present information on credit products and pricing in a clear and consistent fashion.
The Global Impact Investing Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of impact investing through collaboration, research and advocacy. GIIN has developed the Impact Reporting & Investment Standards (IRIS), an independent set of common metrics for impact reporting.