Uta KayserDirector, Senior Counsel

    Uta joined DWM in 2017 as Senior Counsel where she serves as a transaction attorney on DWM’s cross-border investments. Uta has 11 years’ experience in foreign investment and project finance in developing countries in the infrastructure and energy sector, as well as 5 years’ experience in international taxation. She has extensive experience in Latin America, having lived and worked in Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela for over 15 years.

    Before joining DMW, Uta represented airport and renewable energy public concessionaires in PPPs and project finance and advised on transactions in Latin America and Germany. She served as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Canadian-sponsored concessionaire company that built and financed the new international airport in Quito, Ecuador, for 5 years. She has also worked in the development of an US-sponsored renewable energy projects from zero to bankable. Prior to that, she advised foreign investors into Latin America on international tax for Deloitte.

    Uta is a German-trained attorney and member of the German bar and is also fluent in Spanish and French. She has a master degree and an attorney admission from Ludwig Maximilian University and the State of Bavaria in Munich, Germany.