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ImpactAlpha Interviews DWM Partner to Highlight Resilience of Impact Investing Amid Market Volatility

May 25, 2022

With the backdrop of public market volatility and uncertain macroeconomic conditions globally, ImpactAlpha interviewed Developing World Markets Partner Courtland Walker as part of a feature story highlighting the relative resilience and stability of established impact investing sectors.

The ImpactAlpha article spotlighted an increasing sense that investors focused on tried-and-true impact themes—including microfinance, affordable housing, community development, and other sectors with stable businesses and real revenues—are well-prepared to weather a downturn. That steadiness stands in stark contrast to other corners of the financial markets that have been fueled by speculation and high risk.

Highlighting DWM’s deep experience in microfinance, Walker noted that lenders who are offering loans for productive purposes to businesses that are providing basic necessities will see demand persist despite economic downturns. The impact “is ultimately what makes this lending more stable,” said Walker.

Read the full article on ImpactAlpha.

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