DWM is consistently recognized as a leader in impact investing.

BlueMark Leaderboard

BlueMark, a provider of independent impact verification, highlights impact investors with best-in-class impact management systems and practices through its annual Leaderboard. To be on the Leaderboard, BlueMark-verified investors must have ratings that score in the top quartile or above for each practice area.

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ImpactAssets 50

The independent 501(c)3 organization ImpactAssets recognizes 50 firms globally for their impact investing experience, scale in AUM and breadth of investor base, commitment to achieving impact, and demonstrated financial oversight.

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ImpactAssets- 2023 Global 50 Emeritus Manager - 2023-03-14A
ImpactAssets - 2022 Global 50 Impact Investing Firm - 2022-03-15
ImpactAssets- 2021 Global 50 Impact Investing Firm - 2021-11-04
ImpactAssets- 2020 Global 50 Impact Investing Firm- 2021-11-04
ImpactAssets- 2019 Global 50 Impact Investing Firm - 2021-11-04
ImpactAssets- 2016 Global 50 Impact Investing Firm - 2021-11-04
ImpactAssets 2013 COLOR - 2021-11-04 (1)
ImpactAssets 2013 COLOR - 2021-11-04 (2)
ImpactAssets 2011 COLOR - 2021-11-04C (1)

UNPRI - Strategy & Governance Assessment

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment is a leading framework for incorporating ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) issues into investing. Participation requires ongoing and rigorous reporting.


UNPRI - Inclusive Finance Assessment

The expansion of financial services to underserved populations does not in itself mean these populations will be treated fairly and their interests protected. UNPRI inclusive finance principles define and promote responsible inclusive finance.