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New Private Markets, Environmental Finance, and OnImpact Spotlight DWM’s 2022 Impact Report

September 12, 2022

Developing World Market’s recently released 2022 Impact Report received coverage across multiple outlets – including New Private Markets, Environmental Finance, and OnImpact – for the firm’s industry-leading use of the GIIN’s impact benchmark throughout the report. OnImpact wrote about DWM, “They continue to be pioneers with their latest impact report in which they adopt the industry’s newest impact benchmark.”

DWM plans to use the GIIN impact benchmark data to inform its investments, directing capital to investments that more efficiently contribute to financial inclusion and other impact goals. In addition to the GIIN benchmark, DWM also utilized 60 Decibels Microfinance Index to demonstrate the firm’s robust impact and gender equity performance relative to peers. DWM exceeded both benchmarks on impact efficiency, in terms of numbers of clients reached with responsible financial services and proportions of women clients reached.

Director of Impact Hannah Schiff spoke with Environmental Finance about what adoption of these impact benchmarks could mean for the industry at large, commenting, “I think it can inspire a ‘race to the top’ among impact investors, as we continue to see adoption and comparison and we all tap into a competitive edge for wanting the best kind of impact and the best bang for the buck.”

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