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New Private Markets Spotlights DWM’s Role in Rewriting Risk Perceptions

January 11, 2022

New Private Markets recently published a feature article on the perceived risks of investing in migrant communities in emerging markets, spotlighting Developing World Markets’ refugee-lens strategy, the Displaced Communities Fund (DCF). The article also highlights Hannah Schiff being appointed as DWM’s Director of Impact beginning November 2021 to bring a fresh emphasis on understanding how DWM’s investments benefit end clients in emerging and frontier markets.

During an interview with New Private Markets, Partner Aleem Remtula explains that perception of risk can be greater than the actual risk of serving certain vulnerable populations, including the forcibly displaced. While many investors assume high risk when investing in displaced communities, these individuals have often resided in their host countries for many years and have savings, stable sources of income and the need for secure payment and money transfer solutions.

Remtula adds, “Forty-five percent [of the refugee population] has savings, but only 7 percent of them actually save at a financial institution. That is a business opportunity for most of these financial institutions to access deposits, remittances and cash transfers.”

Read the full article in New Private Markets.

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